Calvary Baptist Church

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Leadership & History

Calvary Baptist Church began as a small group of people who believed in the inerrancy of the Bible and in the sufficiency of the cross of Jesus Christ.  This group began meeting in their homes to pray, study their bibles, and seek the Lords direction.  Sensing a need for a solid Bible teaching church in Byesville – Calvary was launched on June 16th 1946.

Dennis & Jan Rost

Pastor Dennis Rost came to Calvary in 1994 as an associate  pastor.  He directed ministries to youth and children as well as coordinating visitation and evangelism efforts.  He became senior pastor in 1998 and has served in that capacity ever since.  He has demonstrated a strong commitment to expository preaching and teaching, with consistent emphasis on calling for life transformation  through God-honoring response to His Word.   His wife, Jan, is a special education teacher in the local school.  She has been instrumental in starting WOW groups, BRIDES, and the annual “Ladies Day Out”.  She also actively participates in the music ministry at CBC.  They are the parents of two adult daughters (Jessica & Jill) and a son (Derek).

Steve & Diane Box

Steve Box leads Sunday worship at Calvary and his wife, Diane, leads our choir program.  Both Steve & Diane have taught music in our local Rolling Hills School District for over 30 years.  Steve also serves as a trustee and he and Diane lead a Connect Group in their home.  They have raised three children (Joel, Nick, & Emily).

Eric & Kelly Fehrman

Eric serves as the director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries (YYAM) at Calvary which includes Wednesday Worship, Junior High and High School Sunday School and a YYAM focused Connect Group.  Eric also serves as a deacon.  Kelly serves as church secretary ( as well as being part of Calvary’s various music ministries.  They have three children (Jacob, Sarah, & Noah).

Deacons Board

  • Eric Fehrman  (Chairman)
  • Bob Bates
  • Gib Wetzler
  • Ty Cota
  • Jacob Fehrman

Trustees Board

Other Contacts

Church History

  • June 16th 1946 Calvary Baptist Church was launched (3rd Sunday)
  • Homer Pimlot served as Bible teacher until a Pastor could be called
  • August 25th 1946 Calvary’s Constitution was finished and approved (last Sunday)
  • Pastor Samuel Parrett served from January 1947 till 1949
  • April 1949 the first church building was completed, seating 150
  • Pastor Don Winters served from June 13, 1949 till October 1950
  • Pastor Willard Duncan served from January 1951 till September 1952
  • Pastor Harold House served from October 1952 till 1973
  • March 2nd 1969 the church moved into the auditorium we use today, seating 300
  • Pastor Kenneth Pugh served from January 1973 till April 1984
  • Youth Pastor Larry Allen served from 1982 till August 1986
  • September 1980 the church completed the Activity Building we use today
  • Visitation Pastor Karl Gettman served from September 1984 till September 1997
  • Pastor Doug Wilson served from 1984 till July 1986
  • Pastor Donald Parvin served from February 15th 1987 till September 1998
  • Youth Pastor Gary Jacobs served from July 31st 1987 till June 5th 1994
  • Calvary Christian School began July 15th 1991 till 1999
  • Assistant Pastor Dennis Rost served from August 1994 till November 1998
  • Pastor Dennis Rost currently serves as Senior Pastor from November 1998 till present
  • Youth Pastor Mike Port served from August 8th 1999 till 2005
  • Youth & Worship Pastor Nathan Davis served from August 2005 till September 2011
  • December 2015 completed the new Activity Building Pavilion