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  Shepherd’s Fellowship
  FIRE Fellowship
  Scioto Hills Baptist Camp


  Grace To You
  Desiring God
  Fighter Verses (Weekly Memory Verses)
  Grace Book Store
  Christian Book Distributors
  Spurgeon Archive
  Believers Chapel
  Blue Letter Bible
  Theological Studies
  Together for the Gospel
  The Gospel Coalition
  Founders Ministries
  Ligonier Ministries
  Counsel on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
  The Way of the Master


  Answers in Genesis
  Stand To Reason
  Ravi Zacharias
  Christian Answers
  The Hope Line w/ Dawson McAllister


Bible Colleges
  Master Seminary
  Baptist Bible College
  Moody Bible Institute
  Faith Baptist Bible College
  Piedmont Baptist College
  Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary
  Appalachian Bible College
  Cedarville University


  Grace to You Blog
  Tim Challies
  Albert Mohler
  Biblical Christianity / Dan Phillips
  Sharper Iron Forum
  Between 2 Worlds
  Desiring God Blog
  James White
  Steve Camp
  Fred Butler
  The Cripplegate


  How we Got our our Bible and Canonicity
  Why 66 Books in the Bible
  5 Questions to ask yourself as you read your Bible  (click here for Journaling)
  Forgiveness & Reconciliation
  How to Move From Forgiveness to Reconciliation
  Practicing Forgiveness
  Speaking in Tongues
  The Bible and Alcohol
  Recreational Marijuana Use?…  How about Medical Marijuana Use?
  Is Church Membership Biblical?
  A Strategy for Fight Lust by John Piper
  The Path of Pornography by Mark Driscoll (Sermon)
  Battling Lust
  The Doctrines of Grace (Calvinism) by John Piper
  Is it a sin to get a tattoo?
  Scriptures Concerning My Identity In Christ
  The Song of Solomon by Tommy Nelson (Audio Sermon Series)
  The Promised Seed: The Source of Blessing in Gods Perfect Plan
  The People of God in Gods Perfect Plan
  How is the term Israel Used in the NT?
  The Future of Israel by C.H. Spurgeon
  Defending Dispensationalism
  Futuristic Premillenialism Chart (very helpful)


  Bible Reading Plan 1yr
  Bible Reading Plan 2yr
  Baptist Confession & Catechism book $12  (great for family devotions & study)
  Baptist Confession & Catechism downloadable PDF


  Sovereign Grace Music
  David Crowder Band
  Chris Tomlin
  Matt Redman
  Casting Crowns
  Mercy Me
  Third Day


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